The Essence of God not only understands where we are, it challenges us to be where we need to be. Love affirms us, shifts us, and reminds us that God has more for our life. God is providently up to something. He is spiritually shifting us. Stop whining about what happens, because shifts happen. Know that God is sending this word as confirmation to tell you that you are about to walk in the greatest seasons of your life. This will be a season where God will silence your enemies. This will be a season that God will blow your mind. Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men the things he has in store for your life. You are here at the right time and right place. The shifts that will occur in your life are inevitable. The shifts are going to happen with you or without you and you ought to make up in your mind that you are going to be where God wants you to be. We are not going to miss the shift.

 We are God’s greatest creation, yet we fail to know it. God is about to bring about a harvest that is about to blow our mind. He is going to replenish you. You planted in the winter and you stayed faithful and kept serving him and now God says he is about to bring about a harvest that is about to blow your mind. What is ahead is better than what’s been. Your sickest days are behind you! Your broke-est days are behind you! God is about to shift you!
There are people that don’t realize that this shift has nothing to do with the physical calendar. This shift is so profound, you can be in another place and people around you might not even notice that you have shifted. You don’t respond to the same things you used to. Things that used to impress you, doesn’t impress you anymore. It is Spring time in the spirit. You about to walk into the greatest manifestation you have ever gone through before. Get ready for new ideas and new growth. Shift Happens!



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